Life Annuity

The life annuity offers nowadays adapted solutions, whether you are sellers or investors.

The expertise of the CAUVY IMMOBILIER group ensures your serenity, by putting at your disposal specialists in life annuity. The life annuity, offers nowadays adapted solutions, whether you are sellers or investors


Receive a capital immediately and a complementary income for life, without changing anything of your daily life


Continue to live in your home and no longer pay certain expenses (property taxes, work, etc.)

Life Annuity


It is important to understand that the sale in life annuity or in term are complex rights

These sales must be carried out by a life annuity professional who respects the interests of both parties and has to have transversal, legal, financial and fiscal skills while mastering the real estate market

CAUVY IMMOBILIER, puts at your disposal specialists in life annuity:

Listening to understand and analyze your needs

CAUVY IMMOBILIER puts in contact both sellers and buyers for the same property

The relationship that unites them must be benevolent, courteous and empathetic. To foster this environment, it is essential that the life agent himself embodies this exemplary nature

To be human, committed and attentive are absolute prerequisites to balance the interests of each

Competent to advise you

Our experts in life annuity, must master perfectly the subject, and to be constantly sharpened on the ground to deserve the confidence and the recognition of our customers
Our specialists in life annuity have followed trainings: to learn the legal rules, the modes of calculation, the clauses such as the privilege of the salesman, the revaluation of the rent, the transfer of guarantee, the techniques of the building.
The reputation of our specialists is based on security and fairness between the parties.

Nearby to welcome you

The CAUVY IMMOBILIER group also has a physical agency. It is a consulting space where the customer can come to explain his needs, ask questions, always having a good reception, a listening applied and especially pragmatic answers.

At your side even after the sale

The CAUVY IMMOBILIER group is the sole partner of both parties throughout the process, even after the signing of the contract in the case of delegated life management.
You are a future seller or buyer? You want more information about life annuity?

You are a future seller or buyer?
You want more information about life annuity?

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